• gudrun 22w


    Million times I denied my love to you,
    but it never changed the fact that I loved you in my life time.
    and here I am, compiling sentences that may rhyme.
    Missing these eyes of yours at the summertime.

    Every single moment drifted
    and went through my mind
    Over, and over
    Memories of love,heartache, stubbornness,confusion.

    I remorse not loving myself enough to admit it,
    but at that time I couldn't face up to my mind or even seize it.
    I deny that to you I approached
    and to you my feelings were never showed.
    I deny saying a single word;
    as my vision was distored and my mind was blurred.

    and now I lost you..

    With the whispers of denial conquering my mind,
    Processing the pain of what I am Who I was and what I might become.
    In my thoughts I drown and drown.

    In my mind the memory of you prevail..