• alinaeemaan 9w


    I wasn't even precisely looking,
    When i found you.
    But the milestone you talked me into,
    To rethink, to reconsider and to reconnect
    It wasn't any less or any more.
    It was just in right amount.
    On exceptionally exceptional time
    Right on the spot, to wake me towards senses.
    Unplanned but not unwanted , like the things i knew i deserve but also won't ask for it.
    l was too contented while playing self-sufficient. .
    But the stroke of Serendipity had me convinced .
    It's okay to look at your weaknesses once in a while.. As a pull back, To feel more human.
    And i discovered.. How perfectly imperfect i am and always have been.
    If it isn't for you than it wasn't for me either.
    Like the two sides of same coin, with entirely differnt stories, centuries and marks.
    But still happen to share one entity, one core, one material to be made out into something more refined-worth than just the street-stone.
    We were same, same yet different..
    different with the worldly branding and ruthless markings.
    But same from somewhere within, maybe on a spiritual level.