• aaronblackman 6w

    Amour interdit 7#

    Me: Well if it's worth it I still love you.
    Her: You know, I feel the same way
    Her: But it can't be...
    Me: The irony. We're in love but can't be together cause you obligated to someone else.
    Her: I don't even know what to say
    Me: Just talk to me.
    Her: I really don't know
    Her: I dont want to lose my relationship
    Her: I don't want to lose you either
    Me: Same words were used back then.
    Me: It's going to be really hard for you to keep both.
    Me: Because I would kiss you when I get the the chance, and I'd keep reminding you how much I love you just like back then.
    Her: I know