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    This is 16th chapter of blank Cinderella series.

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    Chapter 16

    Everything happens for a reason
    "Are you sure you will be able to come back on your own??" Varun asks. We came to our village after the news coverage. I can't ask everyone to stay here just for me.
    "Yes, I am sure. Don't worry. You all can go back. I have something to do here. I will come back on my own" I assured him. I know all of the team is concerned about me. I am blind girl. How can I travel on my own?? I am used to these type of questions. "Okay. If you say so" he says. Actually, I am a bit afraid too but I have to do this. This is my place. I have lived here for ten years. I know this place. My legs, my hands and my ears know this place. I starts walking towards the village. I will surely get all of my answers today. Confusion in my head will come to an end today. Questions will leave my head. I will know my past. Maybe my past is keeping me from seeing my future with Anirudh. I can't let this happen. I can't let my past bother me this much. I have to solve my past to see my future clearly. "Nainika??" a woman's voice comes from a distance. "You are Nainika. Right??" she asks. "Yes I am. Do I know you??" I asks. Her voice sounds familiar but I can't totally recognize her voice. "You don't remember me??" she asks curiously. "I am not sure" I says. "You and your dadi used to come to my shop often. I am Savita" she says. Oh! I remember now. She sells toys. I used to love coming to her shop and buying toys. I never had lots of freinds so, I used to play with toys a lot. I used to lost them often and ask dadi to buy me a new one. "Yeah. Savita aunty. I recognized you" I says. "How have you been?? You visited just once after that awful incident" she says suddenly in a guilty tone. "I am fine" I says. "Where are you going now??" she asks. "My old home. Actually I am a bit confused nowadays. I thought maybe I can get some answers here" I replied. "Let me help you" she offers. "No, it's okay. I will manage by myself" I refused. "No, please let me help. I was not able to help you at that time although I wanted to. Let me help you this time. I will feel better" she says. I agrees and starts walking with her. This place still feels so familiar to my senses. The air feels the same on my skin. The same voice of people arguing, laughing, gossiping and selling things. The same smell of herbs in the air. Nothing changed. After a while we reaches our destination. I greets Savita aunty and enters the house. I opens my arms and touches the walls with my palm. It still feels like dadi will come chuckling and embrace me in her arms and I will feel like I am in world's most safe place. Then she will ask if I am hungry. "Yes I am. I am hungry dadi. Will you feed me??" I asks. Then she will go to the kitchen and come with a tasty dish. "Uhmmmmm. It's such a yummy smell. What did you made today??" I asks. I moves towards the sofa and sits there. "Aaaaaaaa. Feed me now" I opens my mouth. I closes my mouth and tears falls from my eyes. I used to cherish all small memories before dadi died. But the day dadi died, that day I got to know that how tormenting it is to have memories. You can't go back to normal. No matter how hard you try good time's memories will just won't let you move on. "Nainika??" a male voice comes behind me. I wiped my tears and turns. "Nainika. What a coincidence. Papa was talking about you yesterday and here you are today" he says. Me?? Someone was talking about me. "Who's your father??" I asks. "You don't remember me. I live in your neighborhood" he says. Daju?? "Are you Ashish uncle??" I asks. "Finally you remember" he says. That means Daju was talking about me. I used play with Daju a lot when I was a child. He was the one who reported that awful incident to media. He was always very nice with me. How can I forget him?? I never visited him after that incident?? "Where is Daju now??" I asks. "So you remember your Daju. Come I will take you to him. He can't come. His knees are weak now so he can't walk" he says. He takes me to his home and helps me settle down in living room. Daju is so sick. I should have visited him before. He tells me to wait and leaves. After a while voice of a moving wheelchair approaches towards me. "Nainika" Daju says. "Daju" I says and tears comes out of my eyes. His voice is still that much soothing. I lifts my hand in front of me searching for Daju. I stands up and moves forward. I reaches the wheelchair and hugs him. "Daju. I am sorry. I am sorry Daju. I forgot you" I says crying. "No. No don't cry. You are my small, silly Nainika. You always forgets things" he says. I chuckles and moves back. I sits back on the sofa. "Everything happens for a reason Nainika" he says. "Maybe you are right Daju. I too think everything happens for a reason. Everything happening to me nowadays have a reason too and that reason brought me here. To you" I says. "There truly is" he says
    "What is...... " I says then stops. "Uncle, could you please leave us alone for a few minutes??" I asks. "Yes, of course" he says. After a moment I takes a deep breath. "Daju, I started getting some horrible nightmares after dadi died. Dreams are always the same. These days, these dreams has worsen. They feel too real to be a dream and too frightening to be reality. I always dreams of fire. Like I am stuck in fire. I even saw colours in my dreams today and maybe my mom too. Sometimes I dreams of a small boy too. A winning boy. I think these dreams are related to my past. Past which I don't remember. I believe the peices of my memory that I have lost are with you. You were a good friend of dadi. Did she ever told you something??" I asks. After telling all of this to Daju I feels like a heavy burden just got off my chest. Finally it feels like I am going in the right way.
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