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    Maybe this is why, we don't mind hunting them too. Humans are carnivorous ��

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    No matter who the person is, a poet or not, he/ she speaks about love being eternal. But, it is not so. It's more about the priority. Today, you are a priority, tomorrow it's someone else. And that's not a crime. It can happen. Then comes the question of permanent love,care and selflessness. And for this the extreme credit goes to pets. Most of them have a pet dogs and don't mind keeping the most dangerous or expensive breeds. The thing about a dog is, it keeps loving you no matter what. It loves you more than the love you have to the pet and even with yourself. Each have their own ways of expressing the love and affection towards its owners.
    It's not of pets I want to talk about, it how they love you matters the most. And even when love is a temporal things for us human beings. The animals are not as crooked as us. It is either love or hate for them. They don't have mood swings like us. Like how we love a minute and hate another minute.