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    Love Mapping You
    12:12 PM 93% about to leave home
    Finding out that I don’t have to do that today is so nice, thank God+Creater(love/life=solipsism) I did it yesterday and so today I get to reap what I sewed; love of myself is growing today.
    Life is of the love you breath/Are Being, love you your map of your true happiness=Self+RE•spec(k)t; Self+Respect is the key to your happiness and by love you can master such means as you are made in the image(I’m age) of God+Creater((love/life=solipsism to be good or to be becoming good, for their is no bad, as all are God+Spark(self+Reflection) as souls(IAM what IAM, love to\of life) of God+Creater(love/life=solipsism) of the domain of Earth are Mother of Being As Physical Beingness=even know you are energy\enough, before you came here and now(in time) you assimilating your absolute dimension with in this dimension of God+Creater(love/life=solipsism) as by you being a soul(IAM what IAM, Phonixe of ember as life) that is a God+Spark(self+Reflection of God+Creater(love/life=solipsism) as we are made in the image(I’m age) of, now made never means the energy just the suit we can move through this dimension of space and time/energy of this God+Creater(love/life=solipsism)
    .39 88) )) all are the image(I’m age) of as only by that (birth)right it is of God+Creater(love/life=solipsism) movement is by\through us and only that only God+Creater(love/life=solipsism) can be what is truly touching anything, simply simultaneously 1one thing is happening at the same time, that’s why the science(séance) says that you don’t actually touch anything the atoms between your fingers are the things that are touching the thing that is touching the other items that is touching the object that you imagined and perceive that you were touching, Well really you’re reflecting in the mirror image of life is reflecting back at you what you are giving out to be reflected.
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