• zenzareus 5w


    I had visited an acquaintance from long along, with their family, I took with me a single briefcase. I spent time with them, assisting with their problems. The place was plagued with a sickness, where the infected would bite or attack others to infect them. But it wasn't a zombie attack, rather they would be normal people then attack when the urge kicks in. I called them the folly Then at near dusk I opened the briefcase, out flew 100s of papers, scattered the sky. My acquaintance asked what that was as I managed to grab one.

    "something rather special, there are 5000 of them and even more are coming, I wrote them all for this moment." I says.

    "how did you write so many? And what is it exactly?." my acquaintance asked.

    "I have my ways" I replied. I looked down at the paper as my acquaintance grabbed hers.

    "one side if you look, contains a short story, a poem, a message or even words of wisdom. each one with a meaning, often hidden, encrypted and even lost between the lines. but each one special."

    My acquaintance then looked harder at the paper in hand, then turned it over.
    "and what about this? it's just musical notes."

    "and that." I spoke back. "is the song, it is the melody or harmony that people play. usually a simple tune, a hymn or even as simple as a nursery rhyme. Again each with meaning and the song is special too, for they are always passed down generation to generation."

    The acquaintance scanned over the song side, then noticed the paper itself starting to crack and pieces starting to flake away.
    "what is happening? this was perfectly fine a moment ago."

    I smiled. "the paper I used to write on is over 1200 years old, perfectly preserved and able to withstand the test of time, even the weather and the elements of nature itself. however, it cannot withstand the hands of humanity."

    "what do you mean?" looked at me with concerned eyes.

    "The moment the human hands touch the paper it becomes mortal grows old and fades away. the tree that made them is far away."

    "But what is the point of writing in an old paper only to have it degrade the moment it is touched?" my acquaintance looked confused as well as concerned.

    "such is life" I shot back. "they are just like life itself, it's meaning in its words, need to be read and retained, for if you do not, they will be lost forever, along with the song. but for long as it is read, and remembered, it can be passed out. life is eternal, and the paper is not life and so is not eternal, it will fade in time. you won't have time to rewrite what you see before it dissipates but as long as its words and songs are remembered and passed on, then the meaning behind it will truly be eternal. such is life itself." The paper in my hand began to slowly disintegrate, creating dust in the air.
    "it is up to you to retain what the paper contains, and if you so desire, you may write it down, or pass it to someone else who may record it somehow. it will keep its meaning lasting even longer its secrets will be yours until you pass it on."

    looking at the paper then at me, back and forth several times, trying to comprehend my meaning my acquaintance then spoke again.
    "But.. Why? what is the point of doing this in the first place?"

    I smile once more. "Why? because the meaning, even if you don't understand it, will connect with you even if you are completely unaware of it, you might not know it, but there will be a special connection you'll make with the meaning of the text and song. and the meaning will always strike deep and true, into even the darkest of hearts and lift them."

    The acquaintance then looked down at the paper, started frantically reading, I then spoke for the last time.

    "Even the Folly"