• kingchurchill 9w

    Love x Beauty

    We laugh over everything
    But get serious with one thing.
    Love, what is love without
    True meaning, without true beauty
    It's like falling from the sky without humility.

    We look for love but yet we seek beauty
    Am not saying you can't find true love
    And beauty, am saying that we got to let our hearts connect to see the light.
    Just like been in a train full of people but trying to find that one person that Connects with you.

    True love and beauty in one person
    Is like a dream yet seen but unseen
    But we do know that the impossible is possible isn't that right?
    But when we find that one person try to let them know you played the game but you didn't kill.
    I ain't talking from experience but all I can say is that love and beauty is a one time opportunity.