• segen345 6w

    From a Cadet to Mom.

    My dear mum, it's almost noon,
    I hope this letter gets to you soon.
    My body is in bruises and pain,
    When I return you won't find that little boy again.
    Other day daddy didn't say too much,
    For our routines don't match as such.
    I got the snacks you sent,
    The taste has got no replacement.
    Sister told me of the marks she got,
    Please tell her that I miss her a lot.
    I now learned to polish my shoes,
    when I walk they sound like hoofs
    I now learned to was my socks,
    I don't misplace the keys of my locks.
    I now learnt to respect my uniform,
    Your son has got much to reform.
    The days are so hectic now,
    But I remember you all anyhow.
    I will come home soon,
    For now, I shall go for its already noon.