• asoulneversold 6w

    I'm proud of the way I've brought myself up,
    Through scars and screams that
    No one knows, no one can see or hear
    I'm proud of the way I've lifted myself up,
    Since a long time without anyone's help,
    'Cause I've learnt self dependency much before I've experienced support and trust.
    I'm proud of the way I figured things out
    When I could open up to no one,
    And I've not imposed any stupid selfish conclusions on myself,
    To justify my situations and thinking irrespective of changing reality,
    Rather I learnt forgiving and acceptance,
    Knowing the difference and giving it a chance, because every time the people I deal with are different!
    I'm thankful for I've tasted solitude for longer so I feel the value of company,
    I'm scared of love, trust, people and their worldly affairs,
    How they fall for the faces and still want only their depths to be discovered!
    Yet they are afraid to talk the truth on face and hurt in the back,
    I'm ready to hear the hurting words as no decorated lies could hold a true love forever,
    And although I would be a little uneasy in the beginning,
    But I'm proud I've made myself strong enough that at the end I would cherish your honest expressions that you didn't choose to hide,
    But shared.