• thesahajmeet 35w

    Madwoman Unbound

    I am the madwoman in the attic
    Of your old despicable house.
    It won't take too long,
    To burn it down to ashes.
    But I take a deep breath,
    As you see me twist,
    In your unmade bed,
    That smells like dirt.
    And I,
    Your precious possession
    Your trophey of a lost war,
    I smell like a corpse.
    Breathing like a dying dog,
    I grow into a Medusa.
    I choke on my own hair.
    The longer they get,
    The more vulnerable I become.
    So I cut them,
    To the size of your conscious.
    I can feel the air on the nape
    Of my neck,
    For the first time.

    (13:41 23.03.2018)