• noted_viewem 9w

    This here gave me more escape than the drugs. In here I've had the greatest highs. I've been chasing the first one since you've gave it to me. Uncanned bliss dominated by a soulful orgasm. We've shared space , money ,time and food. We've shared each other's trauma in this bed. But now I can see the kids crying in the walls. The sinks where you used to lay I can feel your spirit wiggle in them still. Kindly asking him to leave he grants an after taste too bitter to rid, a headache modern medicine can't cure. No matter how many times I change , wash and buy new bed sets they all smell of you. The pillows whisper how much you used to care, and how much of my time I've invested. The box spring creeks with laughter. Yet I still lay in bed days on end, praying to forget.