• itsalien_ 5w

    This world shall know the pain

    Writing my old story this time with some more realistic things hope you'll like it this time
    One more thing don't relate it with real life

    So as I was talking in Spring of 2003 a kid was born on southern part of dream land
    Family was complete with parents , grand parents , elder sister and siblings of his parents.
    But as we all know time never remains the same one day their parents planned to go somewhere and that kid was now of 7 so they thought to bring their kid with themselves,
    But due to some problems and grandfather wants to spend some times with his grandson he didn't went on that journey with his parents.
    God knows whether it was his good luck or bad luck , in that journey when they were returning home to give surprise to their little charming prince a very serious accident took place which took lives of his both parents and unfortunately that day was his 7th birthday , they got news everyone was shocked , that what happened and that kid was from village so people thought that he is unlucky that's why such things happened with his parents ,
    They started teasing him tourcherin him and they calls him manhoos , at that time his elder sister who was 15( in std 9th) along side with her grandparents decided to take care of her younger brother but after 10th she has to go somewhere else to complete her further study.
    since in village their wasn't much feature to pursue further studies , here his uncle and Aunt started treating him like a survant , he came from school then do all the works of home (like cleaning everyone's cloth and plates then house cleaning etc)
    They treats him very badly for a shirt mistake use to beat him with Iron rod , even used hot rod against him once
    And since his grandparents were too old they can't do anything now
    That kid has only hope was her sister and after 5 years when he was 14 and in 9th his elder sister returned but she was totally changed this time talking rudely with his grandparents and also with him and left the house with her all things without even asking how they're
    Later kid gotta know that her sister was in love with someone else but his grandparents wants her to marry with someone of their choice but she left them , those grandparents who sacrificed their everything just for a boy whom she meet 2 years ago.
    Now that kid was totally broken his last hope is also gone everyone else in society always.akes fun of him and treats him like he is a demon always calls him "UNLUCKY IDIOT"
    Also his uncle aunt and their kid treats him like a slave one short mistake and they beat him with Iron rode,
    He was totally broken and tried to kill himself but again somehow he got saved.
    Then he joined online game called Lord's mobile there he got some friends and leaders of his guild (clan) was a couple who was of around 40 at that time they treats that kid like their own son then they joined a online gaming platform developed by same company of Lord's mobile , where he got some new friends who give him hope and intensions to live the life again ,
    Most of them used to trust him and shared their secret to him he also did so but he was kind of different , he thinks everyone of them as his friends nothing more nothing less and few as best friends ,
    Not such kind of feeling for any of them.
    Meanwhile kid passed his 10th so he also went to city for further studies so now is hostel and don't being treated as a slave anymore

    Then he meet someone when he was 16 on the same gaming platform sent her request by mistake but he didn't knew he will be that much close to her and somehow started loving her ( love not like )
    And for him her happiness is everything they used to talk so much they shared their most of secrets yes kid ain't told her about how painful his past life was , they were having so much fun and someone told kid to only live in present but he might forgot it and started thinking his future with her,
    He was so happy while dreaming and thinking such things ,
    But as that man told him it was his one of the biggest mistakes to think about future
    He and that girl was like best friends now who shares everything
    One day she said him that she is in relationship with someone this was like disastrous moment for that kid who is now of 16 but still he don't let his smile down , smiles
    and says that's really great congratulations , I am really happy for you because he doesn't want to disappoint her keep smiling in front of everyone while keeping his pain inside him
    It seems that the term "HAPPINESS" is not made for him
    First his parents
    Then behavior of society
    Way of treating him by his uncle/aunt and cousin
    Then his elder sister
    And now that girl whom he loved , she was first and last to came in his life he decided to not let anyone enter in his life ever

    And he still smiles in front of everyone and kept his pain inside him , now his way is full of rudeness and hatared.


    don't know when will he die and his pain will end because the term "HAPPINESS" is not made for him only way for him to get out of this pain is death but he doesn't know when will it come