• nostalgic_queen27 6w

    Holiday Manor

    So I brought this manor on the countryside of England.
    I would not tell you where cause I like to keep it to myself.
    It's a tremendous manor with acres of land and an old history of its origin.
    It has 13 rooms and a beautiful lake surrounded by trees and bushes.
    But it has been empty for 70 years and I wonder why.
    Until the housekeeper told me an old lady died by the name of Miss Silverstone.
    I didn't hesitate a second to live there.
    As I did not believe in superstitions nor the judgement of society.
    When I moved in, my neighbors started talking.
    Talking about me being rebellious, about me being ignorant.
    I heard rumors about the previous possessor, a crazy, mad women who refuse to gave her money to her son, her manipulative son.
    She decided to die alone in the cold walls of her manor, so no one dare to live here.
    Now I sleep in the same room, walls so thin,
    I could hear wild animals crying.
    Nobody talks to me or sees me, as if I am a ghost.
    So was the old lady, who lived her life as a ghost.
    The house felt haunted, I hear the door squeak, little objects dropping.
    It didn't scare me nor the ghost of the old lady.
    She told me she owns nobody a penny but people where hungry of her money.
    I wonder about the lady, about how I was like her.
    She was in the halls but she didn't made me feel scared like others.
    I decided to die in here, haunt this place like her.
    And that day came when people came to my funeral, to eat food and desserts.
    And a day later, replaced me with miss Silverstone.
    Saying I was crazy, mad women who didn't had a family, died here cold and alone.
    What a life I had that I didn't want, they thought I was cursed.
    Or the old lady made me sick, but I am happy that I am dead.
    Now 20 yrs later a young woman brought this manor.
    Neighbors telling her, I haunt this place, and would die here.
    But she choose to live here.