• lorybore 6w

    I'm trying to write a book, or at least a longer story, so this will just be the first part!

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    I'm running. It's dark out tonight. I know I need to get somewhere, I just can't remember where. Why can't I remember?
    The trees make weird shapes in the dark, like hands reaching out of the ground with clawed fingers. I dodge them, running as fast as I can. Why am I running?
    I hear a snap from behind me, like a stick breaking. I whip my head around to see what made the noise, but it's too dark to make anything out. I just know that I have to run.
    I'm starting to get tired, but I can't stop. If I do, it will catch me. Whatever it was. But I can't keep going. I'm too tired.
    I hear an odd noise from behind me, like a combination of a growl and a shout. I run faster, though my legs feel like jello. I can't keep this up. It's catching up to me.
    I turn suddenly, knowing the path. But why can't I remember where I'm going? Why was I even out here?
    Suddenly, throught the trees I see a light. As I got closer, I saw that it was a house. That's where I'm going! I put on a final burst of speed and raced up to the porch. I climbed the steps as fast as I could, and yanked the door open. I threw myself inside, and slammed the door, quickly turning the lock.
    Whatever was chasing after me hit the door right after I was inside, making a loud thump and shaking the door frame. Then something else thumps up the porch.
    I hear a ear shattering scream, from right behind the door, which was answered by a growl. There was another thump, the sound of something spattering, and then silence.
    I put my ear against the door, staining to hear. I hear a low growl from the porch, and then more thumping, getting quieter. It was leaving.
    Shaking, I slide down to sitting position, leaning against the door. I'm so exhausted, I just want to sleep. A few minutes later, I pass out.