• timidpappu 22w

    Why do some songs evoke a huge wave inside us?
    Why do some tunes stir something inside?
    Some evoke a magical feeling
    Some mysterious
    Some reduces you to tears
    Is it because the music is in resonance with the mind's rhythm?
    Is it because it reciprocates my feelings?
    Is it the moment Paulo Coelho talked about in the alchemist
    When the heart reaches the soul of the world?
    When the whole world limits to a point?
    Do the leaves experience the same when they rustle as one?
    Is this the moment of proximity to my soul?
    Are we strangers till then?
    Are we running behind knowledge and failing to understand ourselves?
    Do all the things around us have souls?
    The stones, the broken things, the armchair?
    Do they speak to me?
    Did I fail to listen?
    O mind,  why did you think of this now?
    Does this music bring peace to you
    That you discover the disturbed soul?
    Is mind and soul different then?
    Is the strong breeze conveying something?
    Those things we love about nature
    Is it because they pierce our soul
    Slashing all the false hurdles?
    Is the soul priceless that it is
    Protected beneath all these?
    Is life all about discovering one's soul?
    Will that bring bliss?
    All I feel is pain
    Is pain the final hurdle?
    To discover one thing do we have to discover its other half?
    Is death the moment
    We meet our soul?
    But moments die with death right?
    Is the last moment gonna be the one
    we were waiting for throughout life?
    Or are they glimpses dropped at different points of life?
    Should I die soon?
    Or will I miss the tiny Glimpses?
    Are they alike?
    If being alone exposes my soul to me
    Why do I crave company?
    Does this mean
    My life conceals my soul?
    I guess life is a mystery
    Waiting to be prodded
    To unveil the soul