• artalreja 22w

    Your passion and dream is all you've got.

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    Never give up

    He sat and witnessed everything falling apart,
    There was nothing left but an ache in his heart,
    He rememberd the days he chased his passion and felt greatest mirth,
    He was recognised as happiest man on the earth,
    Now he's just left with that unachieved dream,
    Which resulted chaos in his mind to just next extreme,
    He rememberd the days his dream was predetermined,
    Now he just sits and wonder that it was never destined,
    He wished it should have been in his fate,
    All he gained was just regret to compensate,
    He just lacked a bit of motivation to fly,
    That was only reason his dream meet that deny,
    But strength lies in chasing your dream with no other thought,
    Even though world stand against you throwing all odds,
    Easiest task in life is to just give up and leave,
    Forgetting the feeling of happiness when you will finally achieve,
    I know that the simplest way is to just quit and cry,
    But have a belief my friend that each time an effort is worth a try.