• sillyoldsoul_1111 6w

    Difference between 'nurturing a traumatised mind' and 'becoming a doormat to a Narcissist'

    When you understand to differentiate between people's ego and their fear, you will learn how to bend a little without damaging your SELF WORTH.

    Some people operate out of their fear, their fight with you is merely an act to defend themselves. These are people with traumatised childhood, who have faced toxic behaviours, become a prey to narcissist parents. Their reactions stem out from only trying to defend themselves. Sooner or later when their faith and trust is restored, they will eventually reciprocate your efforts! They will be grateful towards you for your help and genoursity provided to them in their bad times.

    Some people act of their ego. The intention here is to often exploit others by gaining control and acquiring dominance. They are always in the mode to attack, in order to make themselves feel and look better. No matter how much you give them, there won't be any reciprocation. Simply because they are self-serving people. They will effortlessly watch you sacrifice yourself for them without even a sigh. Don't fall for it.