• khadijachughtai 6w

    Nobody said it was easier, no one said it would be this hard.

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    One last time we were together. Giving up on the dreams of forever. We made it look like it was easy. We smiled and waved at each other casually. Like there was still some possibility that we will meet. While inside it was getting hard to breathe. I wanted to cry. Rather than saying goodbye. It was hard. Drifting apart.
    When I turned around. Many tears dropped without making a sound. I don't know how you felt at that moment which I wanted to reverse. Were you feeling the same or even worse. I wanted you to hold me tight. I wanted you to tell me it's going to be alright. My mind got numb as I walked away. I know I was stepping into dismay. Without you I am not me. But I am glad I left you with a smile, for my tears were not for you to see.

    ©Khadija Chughtai