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    #Story of my sad life

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    The journey of my love story begun three years back when i was in Class 9th and he was in 10th.We used to report same bus for same school. One day mah cousin told me that this person used to stare me usually . I took incharge to solve her issue and contacted him on facebook and tried to know the reason and cause for his do's.But after asking several questions to him , i could discover that she was blaming a wrong person and unnecessarily. At that time we were brother and sister.As time passed he asked for friendship.? And I quickly relied upon him and faithfully accepted it.. Then we used to talk daily ,hourly .But suddenly our friendship took a worse turn -he warned me to break the tie and advised to get separate from each other. Undoubtedly ,on that daY I was in lUV wid him and I excused and give a hint of my feelings by saying that I think I have a big feelinG for you than this..He surprisingly said really?? I said hmmm...Actually early to this instance My one friend send me some pics which he uploaded written in another language .When she send me the hindi and english version of that pic , thoughts , words.I thought he loves me but that was not the case. Hence without any hesitation I expressed my love for him on 17 December 2016 by speaking out those three magical words "I love You". Then he too accepted me as his girlfriend... All things were running accordingly and fruitfully .On the way ,we crossed many difficulties, obstacles, hardships with clearing misunderstandings, teasing and trusting each other , making jealous, spending time ... but it marks a full stop on 17 dec 2017, when a new person came inbetween us and into our life and asked him to leave me for sake of their friendship because he loves me... But vice versa was not True... Unluckily my luv chooses him and his friendship over me and left me for him without realizing my future, my pain and my feelings.And from that daY only I couldn't forget my only #love #Mybeat #Mysoul #Myheart #Myeverything #mybreath #Mysmile #Mysorrow #Mylife