• munazza 5w

    Keys to self love

    You body and your soul, both are in mutual relationship to each other. Similarly, your mind and your heart work through partnership and collaboration. In this case, your first priority should always be to keep a fair balance between these two sets and never let them go disturb. These are your possessions, your sole property and the grounds where the seeds of life are nourished. Handle it with care, love your heart, your mind. It is because these are the most valuable possessions of yours and if some external element try to possess it, you will loose everything that you ever had.
    Depression has become a day to day term that people use if they don't want you anymore in your life. Yes, these are the people who you have let to grab the key of your valuable self. First, you will be called psychotic, someone who has lost sanity then you will be made to feel as someone who is unable to interact with. Slowly, you will be pushed in a corner and left to die in your own self created hell starting from your skull and ending to your chest. It's only your mind and heart, who can help you get out from this hell.
    Remember, your only worthy possessions are your own mind and your heart. However, they will also be your worst enemy if did not take care of them. They will end you up your life in worst horror story or your legendary fantasy series depending on how you treat them. So, love you mind and heart, keep them your best friends and best partners. You mind and your heart are the keys to your soul and to your self love. Never ever give these keys to an outsider who do not know how to guard.