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    The tick-tock from XXIV rook,
    Turning pages spoils the book,
    The time was there, and thinking this,
    You miss a second, and a minute,
    Time...ah! Such a player,
    It rushes to reach an unknown place,
    Time was valued by those who lost from it,
    It changes, and when this change overtakes a body,
    The reaction occurs such,
    That the body is changed,
    Afterall it is accepting things bestowed by the time,
    Behind the walls you weep,
    Neither concious nor you sleep,
    To lose yourself is what you chose,
    The moments you gain, you try in vain,
    The tears you dry, to hide them you try,
    The time you blame, that it has no shame,
    To be ruthless, the time creates a mess,
    When everything falls under nothing,
    Rise up and behave wise,
    No more tears, torch light to your dark fears,
    Stay still, how the breeze, the light fill,
    Into the lifeless body, with ecstasies,
    No more stubborness, go with your fantasies,
    Life is not that short to stay still for a moment to realize, a lively soul is required!��
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    Emit zesty shades, to whelm the faded time.