• sakshiayer 9w

    System fool.

    I started with passion,
    To live this life...
    In school,
    I studied hard,
    So for better college...
    In college I again studied,
    More harder,
    So for good company...
    When I got a job,
    I worked hard,
    So to earn some money...
    Now when I look back,
    I realized,
    I have started loving my past more...
    And have no interest in future...
    Maybe we are doing,
    All these systems...
    Like a robot..
    We could have switch off ourselves,
    When we had time!!!
    Rather than living like a product..
    People will say loads of,
    Success stories..
    But there real answers,
    Will always be to have some peace...
    While we all are just focusing,
    On being impatient success warriors...