• lia_may 10w

    Upside Down

    Life is like a roller coaster....Sometimes your up really high, and others down low. But when you have friends that were like mine, you make one mistake and your life goes upside down.
    Upside Down not so good for hanging. Life gets rolled around in the dirt and falls off of bikes. Your life is made for mistakes, but when middle school hits....You have to be perfect. And if your not? Well you get put into an outcast group.
    Upside Down life is worse than being on a roller coaster, your constantly annoyed about when your gonna get put back up and someone is going to help you, but no one ever comes
    Upside Down is a constant low that you just cant escape from.
    Upside Down is suicidal thoughts, and always wondering about the knife.
    And when your in middle school people judge you for body shapes and the mistakes you have made.
    Life like this just doesnt get better at all.
    Your always upside down