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    It's been 3 years of togetherness
    Sharing our thoughts of joy and restlessness.
    We don't meet often, never also been into a same class, college, or city together but still had a bond without any reason.
    We chat, talk,facetime and meet on purpose still you care without any purpose.
    We share something which i will cherish till the coming future.
    We are remote, but you anticipate my imagination, somehow understand my every tantrums.
    You were there with me whenever needed, you supported my every decision.
    Time came when i felt we are broken, but you mended every peice broken.
    I trust you and share my every emotion, i may not be as mature as you but still understands emotions.
    I believe our story is long, and we have many more years of friendship and affection.
    I wish i would have met you, a little earlier, as  I'm grateful for your existence.