• artsy_choke 5w

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    Time stood still between them. Why had she never noticed this before? How had the luminous earnestness in his eyes escaped her notice? She didn't know. All she could perceive and interpret was her present state and her fascination with those pair of eyes looking back at her, because nothing else mattered. The past, the future; fears and ambitions suddenly became those dilapidated, obsolete towers that hung needlessly on her stream of consciousness. She was smitten. She was taken aback. She saw a world of marvel in this boy-endless possibilities and a glorious peaceful future suspended in a state of ecstatic delirium. She had loved him since a long time, but now she could surely say she was in love. She had unshakable faith in them now. This.. She didn't want to tell him in haste. So, she just rested her hand on his chest and thanked God for bestowing this moment upon her.

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    The saccharine that love is