• masked_memories 5w

    I had a dream
    Just like anytime before.
    Unlike before, it was new,
    Unleashing me,
    From the barrier
    From my work corner
    From the doorstep
    To a brighter outside
    To breathe a smoother wind
    Feel the warmest sunlight
    Of the times.

    Unlike before,
    You were one of the kind.
    My dear dream,
    Thank You for letting them in
    Whom I wanted to meet from past seven
    And thank god
    There was no distancing
    Just warm hugs
    And giggles
    To fill the void inn.

    Must say, Dreamers are the luckiest of all the times. They see and feel everything they cherish. For those who say it's a pain, my dear, it's a blessing. Enjoy it!

    Thanks to the magical world of all the times, for not having social distancing and letting people feel the love, warmth of the very meaning of existence of human being.

    We need love.
    We need care.
    We need eachother.
    If not in the real world, why not in the Dreams?

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    Why not in Dreams?