• the_morning_cloud 5w

    ~ The Pearl You Lost ~

    I was the guardian
    Of the Pearl
    And you swore to me
    You would protect it

    Your eyes gleamed with
    What you called "love"
    And your hands open to me
    A welcoming aura omit

    I placed the Pearl in
    The palm of your hand
    Trusting that you would protect it
    Just as I did, a million years ago

    You smiled at me again
    And threw my Pearl behind
    The heart, I did not know once existed
    Crushed before the foe

    You continued to walk away
    And shouted behind for me to hear
    "Because you are a fool and
    Nothing more"

    Fueled with rage
    I stood before you again
    This time, you screamed in horror
    Shook to your core

    I thought to myself
    The Dragon worshipped by many
    Broken by a mere mortal?
    I replied "You are wrong"

    You are now a statue
    A painful memory forgotten
    One for passer-bys to look at
    One who does not belong
    - D.D