• subtlemonk 11w

    A Song of Hope

    I’ll sing a song,
    And it will not be a sad one
    But a song for the deads,
    Song for days and nights
    And also for those who lost hope.

    I’ll sing for the ones
    Who said good-bye and left us
    With a hope to cling by.
    They said they’ll come someday
    With a song to sing along.

    I’ll sing for those bright days,
    When life is filled with glorious light.
    For the birds that are now ready to fly
    Sore high into the clouds and
    Touch the limitless sky.

    I’ll sing all about the nights,
    When little stars light up the sky
    And beautiful hare dances in the moonlight.
    A song for the glossy full moon
    And also for the pitch dark nights.

    I’ll sing when no hope is in sight
    To the cold embrace of time.
    When broken dreams cast shadows
    I’ll sing for someone to sing along
    And start the climb again singing a song.