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    The Endeavor part 1

    This image is worth a million words
    and tears shed over victory
    I'll admit I cried like a bitch
    in this chapter in history
    Like a kid on Christmas morning
    except the tree was rather tall
    A 215 foot ROCKET
    with a couple astronauts to haul

    The same door as the Apollo crew
    it's historically terrific
    Same walk as each of the shuttle crews'
    but oddly seemed futuristic
    We're living under virus threat
    and the effects it leaves are weird
    Watching our heroes “COVID HUG”
    where space between bodies appeared

    Two little boys watching their dads
    slowly become immortalized
    They'd smuggle an Apatosaurus
    that neither man would advertise
    Tremor the stowaway stuffy
    would serve as an odd trip mascot
    A sentimental throw pillow
    when there's a homesick astronaut

    Then they'd both slide into this car
    instead of that metal R.V.
    While the hair on my arms bristle
    and my spirit yearns to be free
    The license plate read “ISS BOUND”
    via launchpad 39A
    Doug and Bob were the best of friends
    and seasoned veterans, by the way

    With the S.T.S. program closed
    for just shy of a decade now
    America would launch again
    with some private sector know how
    The Dragon was built by Space X
    from a billionaire with vision
    The car they rode to the launchpad
    was ALSO this man's provision

    They'd usher in a new era
    of exploration and the like
    Instead of a mid-sized airplane
    they'd be riding more of a spike
    With pressure suits straight from Star Trek
    and their names signed in the “White Room”
    We were down for attempt number two
    if the weather lets them resume

    N.A.S.A. worm versus the meatball
    is the chatter amongst the press
    While two test pilots get ready
    to complete the capsule ingress
    With Doug Hurley in the driver's seat
    and Bob Behnken riding shotgun
    as well as the audience at home
    who watched since suiting up had begun

    Standing erect like a penis
    tattooed with the American flag
    Liquid oxygen ventilates
    as we all have the right to brag
    It wasn't until ignition
    that this moment became for real
    It's hard to define the emotion
    that that column of fire made me feel

    The Falcon 9 would roar to life
    leaving the water tower below
    A plume of white smoke lingers on
    with 9 Merlin engines aglow
    Racing to reach maximum Q
    shoving them off the planet
    A flower of burning peddles
    further up than you could stand it

    Pulling about two point 3 gs
    they throttle up and haul some ass
    At 1500 M.P.H.
    already miles above the grass
    Two minutes and 40 seconds
    the first stage was ready to drop
    the separation was perfect
    without a first stage belly flop

    The missile was autonomous
    and would gracefully fall to Earth
    making a few small adjustments
    and able to save what it's worth
    While Doug and Bob propel forward
    following the laws of physics
    despite flat Earth conspirators
    who are N.A.S.A's toughest critics