• arvarion 5w

    you said

    you’d said I’d broken your heart
    said it was all my fault
    said it was because of me

    you flaunt the scars on your heart
    blaming me for the crosses and trails of blue and black

    telling me how irresponsible I am while your hand fumbles in my pocket for my heart while you’re just reaching for my wallet

    squeezing your arteries and veins
    pouring it all in a wine cup
    sipping it in front of everyone
    and it’s my fault that you’re a vineyard

    putting your legs on the table
    boasting about the abrasions on your knees
    bragging about the finger marks around your neck
    and it’s my fault that you live in a brothel

    swaggering about in your “cheap” designer nightgown
    gloating about your lipstick that isn’t waterproof
    and it’s my fault you’re not a trending makeup tutorial vlogger

    you can go on and on
    but why should I listen

    when you were the one who juiced the life out of my heart made me kneel before you choked me till my neck caved in turned me into a loveless prune painted my face red with your blood

    how can you say all that
    when it is your heart that is the cleaver