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    Happy birthday to my anti body shaming committee partner Most friendship take a long time to grow and become special. Ours was slightly different Forever grateful that our paths have crossed in the least expected waysThankyou you for keeping me grounded when I want to fly off the handle and for reminding me to not be so "sassy" Thankyou for getting to know me not because of our situations but because you wanted to❤ I will always love you and our friendship No matter what happens in life this wont be a friendship that fizzles out(yes you are stuck) Thank-you for tolerating all my BS (also thank me for tolerating all of yours).Had it not be for your ever so patient ears I would never survive this craziness Most importantly you made me a chai addict☕ (which I would have never imagined in a million years ) To many many more years of embarrassing you in publiclaughing at the most inappropriate placeswatching stree imagining our imaginary tattoos playing the stupidest games & listening to the same third- class vahiyat songs only we enjoyLastly with all the seriousness I could ever manage "always know wherever life takes us I am only a call away"(how very Pinterest-y of me) I love you forever and a day