• stark_poetry 10w

    It's scary, feeling so much for someone.

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    I fell in love with you.
    Your passion, your dreams,
    Your humor,
    And your in-betweens.
    But there was a problem with falling
    Because I was too high up
    I knew that I'd be broken
    If I was no longer in love.
    This new person though,
    She's uplifting,
    Like the wind beneath a leaf.
    She carries me places I never dreamt of
    And makes falling feel less weak.
    I don't shake or feel too fragile,
    I feel warm and strong in her eyes.
    Like a strong tidal wave,
    I'll wash away what the past belies.
    A new, calm ocean
    Brushing against your feet
    Something you can dive into,
    Something that makes you complete.
    I won't fall for her
    Because I fell so hard for you,
    But I will love with her
    And give my all to her
    Because I know she'll mean it too.