• aparajitaapra 10w


    Why doesn't somebody realize
    This fame comes with a huge prize
    From hell and back you rise
    Its not easy to shut the wailing cries
    Act like nothing's wrong
    And you go on singing song
    But you can take it for how long
    A creative mind can never shut
    A creative mind will scrap the dirt
    It fakes like its never hurt
    While dying inside slowly
    To isolate and stay low key
    Cuz a sensitive skin can't deal with so much of bullshit
    Even if you conceal it with sarcastic blow and dry wit
    Bullying and criticized
    Your freedom compromised
    The path to greatness isn't easy
    It leads to hatred that's crazy
    Only riches can afford eccentricity
    A poor genius stays in self pity
    Cuz there is aint no city
    That understands an artist inside a celebrity
    You hit rock bottom
    Cuz others block them
    The brilliance of abstract
    Cuz they can't accept the rawness lacking tact
    Sad but true
    All they want is a part of you
    They expect so much for you to give
    Those desires makes it hard to live
    Like a sane, standing at the edge of rebel and normal
    Living in the duality of authenticity and formal
    Its a life that demands every ounce of your flesh, blood and gift
    Till they have drained all of you their attention will never drift
    To stand as immortal legend
    You have to stretch yourself to every extend
    And wait till the angels come and attend