• moonandback 5w

    This is a small piece of a story I am working on! I hope you enjoy it. Thoughts are appreciated! Leave a comment, and share some love.


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    Royal Skies

    I colored in the sky
    like paint by numbers
    The colors melted into the sunset
    like candles during 20th century nights
    Burning through the night
    Glistening through crystal glasses filled with wine
    twinkling on faces as the stars come out at night
    The colors fade to the darkest shade of purple
    Which leads me back to you
    It’s your favorite color
    A deep royal purple
    The color only royalty can afford
    Like the crystal glasses filled with the finest of wine
    And as the light hits your face
    The stars light up the sky
    And you
    my King
    light up my heart
    My royal love
    Forbidden as I am no queen
    But a peasant with only love as my bounty