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    Ode to Injustice

    O great injustice!

    Thy antagonising pressure makes the devil dwell
    In bodies of mortal beings
    And lets their flesh rot
    With hues of red and orange!

    Thy satanic eyes full to the brim
    With greed and wrath
    And sins that cry to heaven for vengeance,
    Pierce prickly scars in the eyes.

    Thy long locks of venom
    Spit bane seed
    And breed the beholder
    With seven children!

    Thy beautiful face hides
    The truth of Adam and Eve
    And dig scars deep
    In the face of thy beholder.

    Thy lips sow seeds of
    'Great' wars, 'divine' murders
    And turn pink with the blood
    Of the innocent!

    Thy neck adorned with jewels
    Of chesterton's fingers
    Grows taller and taller
    With heaping pride.

    Thy bosom is no place for a lover
    To rest; it smothers the pretty,
    With no mercy
    And no heart!

    Thy visions to man do tragedies
    For he sees nothing but you,
    In all his passions thy flame burns high
    Igniting the marauder in him.

    I, a mortal, hearty and pitiful
    Deserve not your affection
    Come not near me
    O mighty injustice!

    Come not near me
    O mighty injustice,
    For i don't deserve
    Your attention!

    Come not near me
    O mighty injustice
    For i don't deserve
    Your heathen touch!

    Your beholders sit on thrones
    In buidlings high
    Beyond my mortal reach
    And desire.

    Be not near me
    O great Injustice!