• yellowdiaries 24w

    Please go

    I started hating you
    To ease my pain
    Even though it felt like
    My all efforts went in vain.

    The pain was too much for me
    You would never understand
    How i lived and how i recovered
    It's a journey you started; you ended
    And with hatred, i began.

    I lied on the floor that night
    No one ever broke my heart like you did
    Once a healthy cheerful one
    Now my heart was broken into a perfect grid.

    Oh! and i can't measure how much i hated you
    Infinity is not in the scale of 10 to 0
    You were supposed to be my saviour
    Now i am just trying to be my own hero.

    Please see, i am trying here
    To live, to let go
    Please, it's still very tough for me
    I beg you now
    Don't hurt me anymore.

    I give in, this fight of hatred
    I give in, i don't want this hatred anymore
    I just want to be the person before i met you
    I lost that person that night on the floor.

    It still hurts me
    I am still trying to move on
    It's been too long now
    You have what you wanted
    Now leave me alone.