• jamilahhoneywatamuhammad_ 23w


    Honored by your presences

    Your glow

    Makes my honey flow

    You’ve fed me

    The nectar of queens

    And I’ve grown

    These wings

    Cease to flutter

    For fear of the clutter

    Pass this cone

    Our home

    The other drones

    Have no clue of what I’ll do

    To be with you

    Captured my heart,

    As you did

    I recognized that bid

    For better

    I realized that some days

    We’ll have bad weather

    All’s well, when we lay


    Make it right

    Help me

    To walk in the light

    Comfort of your arms

    Reminds me

    Of all them love charms

    Laced upon my wrist

    I shall not resist

    I give in,

    To this challenge, twist

    I "bow down" at your feet

    Kissing upon them toes

    Exposed heat of my breath

    As I proceed to ankles, knees

    Combing the puff

    On your show snuff

    Tool to please

    I poke and tease

    Planning to ease

    Into the delectable mild manner

    Of the breeze as I squeeze

    Gracefully I land with the you

    My man.