• rosebudz 23w


    I am not what I seem, warmth to the touch Its just a lie
    Under this warmed visible layer Is a frozen being, this is unseen
    I'm frozen from the inside out, with a frost bitten heart
    its so bad and I suffer so much, but don’t make a sound
    I'll never make a sound...
    There is a purpose to this pain hidden deep down
    It's my own form of hell in which I like to suffer
    Enjoying the pain of my unforgiving frost bitten heart
    With no sugar coating or a sensor to block
    I'll tell you a tale of when my heart began to fail
    When the darkness surrounded
    How this monster I became began in the beginning
    In the beginning, the beginning of it all
    Not realizing ever, how much I would fall
    The years and years and years have passed
    but I can tell you what happened last
    No matter your demanding stare
    First I need to tell you, tell you something as a dare
    She, an insane woman started this show
    Walking down a path, one made of a broken hearts stone
    Cringing, moaning and groaning
    I met her halfway, this widowed old hag
    Cheeks discolored and the skin it sages
    Reaching a shaky finger she comes near
    My biggest regret for several of these years
    Making contact first with my hand
    By now she can barely stand to stand
    shrinking into nothing, she cries
    Suddenly I feel all of her pain, secrets and lies
    Shriveled, old saggy and bone
    What has this old lady done
    Now I lurk the shadows for prey
    Forever like this I will stay
    It's my own form of hell which I choose to suffer
    Enjoying the pain of my unforgiving frost bitten heart
    Never wander down the path of broken hearts stone
    Searching for loves cure
    Broken hearts shall always stay pure
    For long as I still stand
    Love's broken heart is an incurable pain
    As my frostbitten heart
    Do you understand this game
    Remember i’m watching too
    Stop your heart from turning to stone,
    Because only you can protect you.