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    Just using the poem for Facebook, it's not about you guys on here.

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    It's ok to be skinny!!

    People have to be mean about skinny people like me every damn day on Facebook and everywhere I go, just to make us feel like shit about our sizes. Guess what! It's ok to be skinny like me, because.
    1 I don't take up room.
    2 I can eat whatever I want and don't have to watch my weight.
    3 I can move around a lot faster.
    4 I can hide in small places.
    5 I can squeeze in between small places.
    6 Guys still like skinny girls like me too.
    7 I can sit on a chair without worrying about breaking it.
    8 I can sit on a table without worrying about breaking it.
    9 I can get on a bike without making the tires look flat.
    10 I can get into a vehicle without making it move on to one side when I get in or out of it.
    11 I can play on the playground equipment without getting stuck or breaking it.
    I been trying to stay nice and keep my mean comments to myself, but I can't take it anymore. All you guys do is bring skinny people down for no reason at all. I'm not jealous because your much bigger than me and you guys have to keep on posting mean shit. I'm happy to be skinny and have a little bit of baby fat from having 2 kid's. I know you people don't care what I have to say and post. So, why are you still my friend on Facebook? I don't need fake friends.