• akshiwrites 10w

    Do I believe in ghosts?


    Of course, I do believe in them!
    In fact they are all around
    No, they don't look like scary humans
    as they show in movies

    In fact, I don't know how they look exactly
    I can just feel them deeply
    They are there in my mind
    I feel them in my insecurities
    I feel them in my anxiousness

    I feel them making me tired
    when I want to feel excited in the morning

    I feel them making me nervous
    when I want to feel confident while having a conversation

    I feel them keeping me awake all night
    when I want to have a sound sleep

    I feel them entering my body
    while I inhale oxygen
    But I don't feel them leaving my body
    while I exhale carbon dioxide
    I feel them flowing along with blood in my body

    Ironically, they don't haunt me
    They are trying to stay friends with me forever, but I just can't .

    I will definitely bid them goodbye,
    sooner or later but I will.