• lostprophet 10w


    At 4
    I knew to my heart's core
    I was destined to become a world champion in karate
    2 days .. i got bored and joined a maths classes next door,
    Oh darling, if you know me..you know
    I am nothing but a bundle of contradictions

    I love raindrops , hate puddles
    Hate intimacy.. love cuddles
    Have stage fear but love to perform
    Like stability .. but only wish to reform
    Have so many scars of the past , but sometimes I feel no pain,
    I fall in love with the smallest things... dogs .. flowers...candies..
    but sometimes the absolute lack of emotions.. even I can't explain
    Wanna be independent.... But still want to be tamed,
    I might eat parathas with baigan bhartas
    Or I may wear sneakers with paijama,kurtas
    Would wear climbing gear and tracksuit only to climb a tree
    I question the existence of god , but pray everyday
    My judgenents are in black & white, but I love the concept of grey
    You get it.. don't you ??
    I'm nothing but a bundle of contradiction