• kavyavenkateshwaran 10w

    Unbecknowest to me.

    Unbecknowest to me, I am your average Indian,
    I pretend to listen to Sheeran to blend in,
    In truth I have a Mangeshkar playlist waiting for me,
    To serenade me in the pitch black.
    My pretence extends to me faking my love for football,
    So Europian they say,
    And yet my fondest memories linger in the little fields where I grew up playing cricket,
    Albeit British, but we've made it our own,
    You see this makes me your average Indian,
    Unbecknowest to me.

    My pretence ends, where I began to dwell in tolerance,
    As I celebrate Iftaar with a Muslim sister.
    It ends when I sing carols with my Christian brothers during the eve before Christmas,
    It ends when my friend kisses her girlfriend goodnight, she's as gay as a bright sunny day would make me,
    It ends when I care little for the states my friends belong to,
    As I seek belonging in their company,
    And again, that makes me your average Indian,
    This I know indeed.