• twistedmind 30w

    no hex will bind me
    no curse confined me
    from hell to find me
    alone i will win
    with the power inside me

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    Your power, my treason

    Dream of demons, friends of darkness.
    Familiar faces haunting spaces.
    Minds a big mess and inside I am pacing.
    Dreams of demons choking me, until abruptly I awaken.

    These dreams are timeless.
    I made it on the spiritual hit list.
    But demons are best friends.
    Keep me humble, remind me I am worthless.
    Dreams of demons reminding me where my place is.

    The rope has already been hanging.
    Eight knots deep not a single breathes escaping.
    Life for a life is a blessing.
    To restart in a different direction.
    No more living in comparison.
    No more double standards placed by a lesser human.

    Stalking me like I’m a specimen.
    Diverting life experience because of a twisted vision.
    Demons looking better than the most beautiful woman.
    Not a practice of malice just an old tradition.

    I see and I feel what has only been written.
    The crafted path of my short existence.
    I accomplished more with less opportunity given.
    Blocked an aspect of how I could be living.
    But now I’m on a different mission.
    Hearts in cages, that’s a given.
    I had the choice but I chose no f**ks given.

    Come out of the shadows.
    Come out into the picture.
    Trust in me when I offer something different.
    What I have to give is but a lesson.
    Dreams of demons their powers at my disposal.
    Not a practice of malice but an old tradition.

    Set the mirror to reflect what has been given.
    Let the refraction steal for you what was unlawfully taken.
    Set the fire of the darkest ambitions.
    Terminated contracts with my place you are taking.

    Now cut the chords of deception.
    Cut all ties with no chance of reconnection.
    With these mirrors I cancel your subscription.
    I call upon the demons to withstand a resurrection.

    Dreams of demons, the friends in my corner.
    Dance within darkness and learn to live all over.
    Dreams of demons no power could hold me.
    So to you I send them running.