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    Dear love,
    I stopped writing letters to you, because you became mine, because I could always tell you what I was thinking.
    But no, you broke me. You walked away, left me alone to figure out how to live? But it was easy. You left me with your miniature, our baby, our creation.
    Her round little face with chubby cheeks, black raven hair and those cute little brown eyes. There isn't a day in which I don't remember you, because she is a mini you. You aren't with me. But she is.
    From her first steps to her first words. Giving her piggy-back ride to do her braids. I was with her. Behind her,adding my own step with her to give support. But what did I get? Nothing.
    The hand which once gave safety and strength, now used to pick her dead body. Some boy she loved didn't love her back. So she chose to suicide.Over me. Over my love. Because my love has no price. That love was priceless.
    She left me, just like you. Afterall your daughter was she. Once again I'm all alone in this world to face the cruel reality. But may be you're happy there. Your girl atlast joined with you.
    Don't worry. I'll manage. All I need is happiness of my girls.. By knowing you're happy I'll cut my life here. Spend your quality time with your daughter. She missed you a lot during her time in this world.
    I have to go. There are a lot of pending works to do. Tell my daughter I'm angry with her. I'll give her punishment for sure. A lot of things to say, but I'm keeping that for later. When I'll join you two. Till then byee love. Miss you.

    A unlucky husband & father

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    Letter To My Love♥