• piyadech 5w

    Written for a girlfriend who I never forgot

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    For the girl who disappeared

    When I see your sweet face, my heart does stop;
    For I feel a connection to you, sweet dear;
    Being apart from you now nothing does top;
    ‘Cause I miss you and when you were back here.
    Once I’m with you again my life is done;
    With you a complete soul does mine become.
    If I must do it myself I shall bring the world light, so you wish to hold my hand 'til kingdom come,
    Because every minute I spend with you is always perfectly fun.

    Your beautiful essence, your gorgeous soul, your dazzling eyes...
    And with an aura so golden it could only be described as 3D Phi.
    Your sweet and soft voice doth soothe my pain,
    And a face to comfort me during a lack of life's gains.

    Yet I trust in your wisdom, your courage and your spirit.
    Because you always know what is best for me.
    Happiness comes when your smile meets my own eyes,
    Because to make that light beam is my only desire.