• redcherry01 10w


    Worthy is of thee
    Who covers up daily
    The daily ordeal of being a niqabi
    Hears different voices about her
    Bears each stares scorching her
    Go through each emotion without a fight
    Conceal her face not for fright
    But in other to keep her humility
    She set herself as an example of a modest woman

    Ohh she is a niqabi
    Why hiding your fears they say
    Why keeping your emotion loser
    Why making people feel insecure
    Why assume she doesn't have an iota of piety
    Why considering her as an oddity
    She is a loner they shout
    But still she remain steadfast
    Holding on to the will of ALLAH
    Tolerating everyday saga
    Living the life of an introvert
    She pass through everyday barrier's
    All with a cover on her face
    I pray she is a companion of AL-janna
    For indeed each ordeal is a test from ALLAH

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