• wowhabibi 50w

    Like a breeze of cool air
    He stroked this butterfly
    Like the flowing river
    He drowned her yet so high
    Their love was natural
    Weird and yet so beautiful
    "We don't need anyone, we're ok"
    "It's perfect ", oh it was wonderful.
    When he held her close to him
    She felt nothing but safe and warm
    And when she looked into those eyes
    She forgot everything in their charm.
    They did not exchange any vows
    Nor made any promises
    "Let's just live and love together "
    Drown and fly, let's forget the surfaces
    Since nothing lasts forever
    And their forever was so small
    The breeze became a storm
    And their castle of dreams did fall.
    He changed or she didn't
    Whatever maybe the reason
    Hopes and dreams all shattered
    Of storms and disasters this was the season
    Things can never be like before now
    Neither the butterfly nor the breeze
    Time took away everything
    That lovely flowing river did freeze.
    Yet the butterfly still hopes
    That one day the breeze will find her
    The survival of the hope is hard
    But that's all now she got with her.
    They may not be together
    And it is like walking on a knife.
    She is not in his heart
    But he is still the "joy" of her life.