• nirmiti 31w

    Can anything be more depressing and heart wrecking than reading the title?

    Well, if not for anyone else , for a girl or more specifically a ' FEMALE' its a big NO!

    I aint here to write who a female is, what are her capabilities, what has she given to this world, or as the creator of a MAN. Because these aren't things that needs a platform to make an individual understand a woman's worth.
    My question is ,
    Why the world today has to shout, demand, express everywhere through every possible medium that a female is not a dumb commodity, but a same human being like everyone else having all emotions and a complete life that she needs to live according to her plans and wishes?

    the brutal, hard hearted, blood thirsty inhuman individuals have brought down the level of humanity to such a level of shamelessness that I donot see its come back.
    I cannot express my intense sorrow that not just me infact every Female presently feels knowing that the world is not a safe place anymore. More precisely, the home that we live in, the people that we trust, are no more trustworthy.

    Rape is not inevitable or natural. If you rape someone, you had the purpose of doing it. And you do it damaging that soul just because that particular female's body, feelings, wishes, dreams, purpose of living is of no concern to you?
    People are in one way reaching to the unimaginable by going up to the moon and stars, creating, designing, inventing new things for good purpose.
    And on the other hand, a particular herd of devilish individuals are in search of an opportunity to rape a FEMALE to show their power? And that too, by raping an 8 year old?!
    We were taught in schools that Humans are the most advanced creatures and has more brains than others. But we have come to this point in life that we see people with no brains at all.
    Today the moment a rape happens, media doesnt lags behind to showcase the shameless act the entire year, people go out for candle marches, leaders in nook and corner of the world will go on presenting the ways they can minimise this on cameras and many more. And gradually the news ends. The story ends, so is the LIFE of another girl ends. I feel really sad that i am not able to make any change. But i want the government to take an important step of offering death penalty to a rapist. Because I now feel, no other minor punishment can save our girls.

    Terminating this,
    I would just like to say to all the rapist / potential rapists, If you feel yourself inferior, powerless, very jobless and consider a woman's body as similar to your worthless brain, please consult a doctor JUST DONOT destroy the entire life of another Female.

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    The endangered 'HUMANITY'.