• alisdaire_ocaoimph 24w


    I lay here
    Watching as her naked form
    Moves around the room
    Held in awe to the perfection
    That drifts across my mind.
    She sits before the mirror
    There mornings light filters
    Enough to hold the room
    In such a way as to make
    The image of her angelic
    I stare at the curve of her back
    How it sweeps down like a fine line
    Her hips, that sweet heart shaped butt.
    We chat the little nothing's
    As she put on her make up
    Asking what lip colour
    And filled with amazement
    I seem to drown in a daydream
    That carries me away to far places
    Traces upon my heart
    Each letter of her name.
    I never get tired, bored
    It's like a show one is intoxicated by
    Lingering from the highs of the night
    To such a morning bliss
    And all I can do is smile
    For the contentment
    That holds and fills.

    Alisdaire O'Caoimph